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Our Academic Solutions team bring in the collective wisdom of 400+ years Expert hand-holding and mentoring for implementation.

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Product development, bespoke applications or open source. We have managed solutions that fit your needs.

Custom Development
Development services for anything from web apps to product development.
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For product promotions, Social Media Marketing and SEO services.
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Solutions designed by expert academicians, for new age academics needs.
Specialized Training
The right courses led by real experts, helping you leap to the next level.
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About Valin Technologies

At Valin Technologies, we strive to understand the business complexities of our partners and our strong product and service portfolio creates simple, streamlined solutions to help them attain their growth goals.

Our parent company, ipsr solutions Limited, is a leading EdTech company that has been globally recognised as an outstanding training provider in Open Source technologies. IPSR has 37 awards—national and international—from Red Hat, the world’s leading open source provider. We started our journey in 2000 and enhanced our global presence by registering Valin Technologies in the UK in 2012. We are proud to have mentored 100K+ students from 60+ countries over the last two decades.

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Specialized Training

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Linux Administration
Learn basic to advanced skills that can help you become a full-time Linux system administrator.
Linux Automation
Master the art of Linux system administration tasks like provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration.
Cloud Computing
Acquire skills for open source and proprietary platforms - Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Red Hat OpenStack.
Ace the skills and technologies needed for agile, automated build and deployment of cloud-native applications.
Data Science
Cover a wide range of skills in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to become a successful Data Science professional.
Python with Django
Develop real-time web applications by getting a solid grasp of core Python programming using the Django Framework.
Specialized Training

Future-focused and Skill-driven

Academic Solutions

Not just products,
real solutions for Academics.

QnSmart i
Question Bank System

An intelligent Question Paper Generation software focusing on OBE and criteria-referenced quality control.

  • Multi-criteria Assessment
  • Outcome-based Evaluation
  • Standardisation of Assessments
OBE Implementation Simplified

This tool consolidates learning activities and assessments to generate multi-dimensional analytics that provides academic insights.

  • Optimise learning outcomes
  • Turn data to Insights
  • Dedicated mentoring
deQ Learning
Digital Learning Platform

No risking factors are present and we have all kinds of measures to protect against losses.

  • Pedagogy-focused
  • Custom Learning paths
  • Better student engagement