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At Valin, we have created specialised, synergistic academic solutions – deQ OBE and QnSmart i – that not only focus on assessments but also fire active teaching-learning methodologies for Higher Education Institutions anywhere in the world to assure quality in every step of the learning journey.

Driven by Bloom’s Taxonomy and a robust OBE framework, deQ OBE, deQ Learning and QnSmart i help HEIs to deliver degrees with a difference. Though they are independent solutions, they complement each other to achieve desired learning outcomes.

QnSmart i
Question Bank System

An intelligent Question Paper Generation software focusing on OBE and criteria-referenced quality control.

  • Multi-criteria Assessment
  • Outcome-based Evaluation
  • Standardisation of Assessments
OBE Implementation Simplified

This tool consolidates learning activities and assessments to generate multi-dimensional analytics that provides academic insights.

  • Optimise learning outcomes
  • Turn data to Insights
  • Dedicated mentoring
deQ Learning
Digital Learning Platform

No risking factors are present and we have all kinds of measures to protect against losses.

  • Pedagogy-focused
  • Custom Learning paths
  • Better student engagement

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